High Speed Electronic Horizontal Packaging Machine FP 110

High Speed Electronic Horizontal Packaging Machine FP 110


This is mainly dedicated to the automatic packaging lines which enhance its sturdiness, reliability, noiselessness and simplicity in its use. In its base configuration, the FP110 is equipped with all the accessories necessary for high-level performances:

- 4 groups of wheels for longitudinal sealing (one motor for each wheel)
- Photocell for print registration
- Motorized reel-holders shafts
- Sealing unit shafts motorized one by one
- Special steel sealing jaws, interchangeable
and customized based on product and
wrapping material
- Tin collectors

The innovative design, studied to satisfy the ergonomic and sanitization aspects allows the operator to intervene from both sides of the wrapper.

    up to 1.000 ppm.
    Product size:
  • Width: max 150 mm.
  • Height: max 80 mm.
    Reel size:
  • Web: max 400 mm.
  • Outside Ø: max 420 mm.
  • Inside Ø: max 70 ÷76 mm.
    Packaging material:
  • Heatsealable.
  • Coldsealable.
    Wrapper size:
  • Length: 4.150 mm.
  • Width: 700 mm as working area (total 890 mm).
  • Height: 1.600 mm.
    Machine weight (net):
    kg 2.200 approx.

  • Automatic splicer.
  • Coder.
  • No product no bag device.
  • Out of position
  • no cut.
  • Easy opening package.
  • Outfeed packs control.
  • Stainless steel version.

  • Motion control with integrated PLC.
  • Brushless motors with integrated electronic.
  • 10” colour Touch-Screen operator interface for:

  • Machine parameters variation.
  • Programmable product recipes.
  • Machine diagnostic.
    • Temperatures control integrated into PLC.
    • Installed power: 12 Kw.

    • Compressed air: 6 bar air dry
    • fltered.
    • Air consumption: 20 Nl/min.


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