Multi Axis Vertical Wrapper FV 025

Multi Axis Vertical Wrapper FV 025


Vertical packaging machine mod. FV 025 (left version) electronic cantilevered vertical form-fill-seal machine driven by 5 servomotors and complete with:

· Cantilever robust mechanical steel construction, of a hygienic design in anticorrosive painted epoxy powder coated finish (RAL 9007, grey).
· Vertical anodized aluminium plate on to which all parts are fixed.
· Protection doors with security micro-switch in accordance with CE regulations.
· Machine frame placed on four height-adjustable feet.
· Integrated electric board.

Cantilevered structure:
All the functional groups of the packaging machine are positioned on a cantilevered structure to allow an easier cleaning and aintenance process. Besides it avoids the accumulation of parts of products inside the machine’s structure thus preventing the proliferation of bacteria and mildews.

Guards made of:
· Transparent polycarbonate.

Maintenance and access:
· All parts in touch with the products in AISI304 stainless steel.
· Cantilevered machine frame for easy access and maintenance.

Forming tube:
· n. 1 stainless steel forming tube, custom built.

Reel mounting:
· Cantilevered single reel-holder complete with rollers for film unwinding.
· Rack type film feed-roll unit.
· Motorized reel unwinding unit with expansion blades pneumatically activated to hold the film reel.
· End of film reel sensor with machine stop signal.
· Reel width 520 mm.
· Manual film junction with suction plates.
· Motorized film unwinding with tensioning control dancer bar and brushless motor control through epicyclical reduction.
· Automatic regulation of the film tensioning according to the variation of the film roll diameter.

Longitudinal sealing unit:
· Film pulling unit composed by lateral belts pulling the film on the forming tube, driven by two brushless motors with epicyclical reductions (high precision gearbox).
· Pneumatic opening of the lateral pulling belts.
· 420 mm servo assisted longitudinal sealing bar, complete with heating elements and with automatic regulation according to the variation of the forming tube diameter.
· Backward-forward sealing movement with brushless motor complete with high precision gearbox.
· Possibility of opening the unit at 90° to facilitate forming tube change.

Transversal sealing unit:
· Servo assisted 270 mm wide sealing jaws with precision-manufactured sealing pattern, driven by brushless motor, complete with high precision gearbox.
· Super-rapid steel knife pneumatically activated.
· Jaws heated by heating elements.
· Jaws movement through a mechanical lever system and maintenance free roll bearings.
· Movement activated through a brushless motor with complete with epicyclical reduction.
· Sealing pressure compensation through adjustable springs.

Safety and controls:
· Protection and safety devices according to law in force with:
· Timed machine stop with open sealing jaws.
· Low tension control keyboard.
· Micro-switches for stop activation when opening safety covers.
· Programmable electronic safety clutch on horizontal sealing unit.
· CE protection and safety guards.
· Integrated PLC with OMRON or SIEMENS axis control.
· Temperature control integrated in the machine’s PLC.
· Electronic regulation of the bag’s length.

· n. 1 400 W servomotor for film pulling belts control.
· n. 1 1000 W servomotors for transversal sealing unit control.
· n. 1 1500 W servomotor for film unwinding control.
· n. 1 400 W for vertical sealing bar movement control.

Motion control and PLC integrated with:

Control panel:
· 5.7” TFT touch screen display operator interface for:
· Product database containing all product parameters.
· Automatic instantaneous product size changeover for up to 40 products.
· Temperatures setting.
· Service mode with diagnostic for trouble shooting.
· User defined password levels to limit access to machine settings.
· Wide choice of interface language.

Operative push-buttons with power on leds as:
· Start button & stop button.
· E-stop button (mushroom shape).
· Reset button.
· Power-on led.

  • Installed power: 6 kW.
  • Power supply: 400V/50 Hz + 3 ph + ground.
  • Air consumption: 20 Nl/1’fltered air at 6 bars.
  • Pneumatic components: FESTO.
  • Max. flm width: 520 mm.
  • Max. reel diameter: 400 mm.
  • Max. reel core diameter: 70÷76 mm.