Automatic Vacuum Packing Line

Automatic Vacuum Packing Line


Made of Tecno Pack flowpack machine, loading robot, belt type vacuum machine and thermoshrinking tunnel.


  • OPTIMIZATION of the operations of bagging, loading, apckaging and unloading of products that are automatically realized by machines that make up the line.
  • SAVING on cost of packing.
  • OPERATIVE SPEED: cheese like gouda or similar, cut 100x300x100h mm, 30pc/min.


  • FAST: Productivity with high performances till 3 cycles/min.
  • CUSTOMABLE: Complete customization and adaptability to your product with more than 100 possible configurations.
  • VERSATILE: Easily adjustable sealing to close any type of food bag, thermoshrinking or not.
  • CLEAN: Easy and fast cleaning: thanks to the dedicate button that allows the automatic loosing of belt and the opening of sensorized panels without use of any tool.
  • FLEXIBLE: Complete adaptability to the insertion in the production line with use of one operator, two or with automatic loading combine with the bagging of product.
  • CONNECT: Connection (WI FI also) to the company network to monitor machine status, productivity and diagnostic functions.

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