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Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are a dynamic team of dedicated and enthusiastic professionals, each drawing from experience in their own field to produce machinery that will meet all your requirements.

For over 25 years now we have been specializing exclusively in the design, production and marketing of horizontal packaging machines and automated packaging plants, and can easily say we have acquired some little knowledge in the sector....
Our packaging machines are all electronic, robust and simple to manage. All machinery is produced to provide ergonomic and sanitized solutions.

Our range of products offers solutions for all packaging sectors in flow pack as well as a wide range of requirements from low speed manual loading packaging to maximum automated versions.
The range of production of Tecno Pack can meet many different packaging requirements. Manual requirements find either horizontal rotary or box motioned wrapping machines solutions while higher technological needs can be satisfied by completely automatic and integrated solutions.
Tecno Pack SpA - Soggetta a direzione e coordinamento di DUALCI S.R.L. - Via Lago di Albano, 76 - 36015 SCHIO (VICENZA) ITALY
Cap.Soc. € 120.000 int.vers. - P.I./C.F.:IT02492110248 - Reg.Impr. VI N. 02492110248 R.E.A. N. 234940/VI